Thinking About Boiler Heat? Read On!

Have you considered installing a new boiler in your home for heat during the winter? If you are replacing an existing oil, gas, or electric furnace with a new boiler system you should be aware of a few things. Many newly built homes have electric residential boilers installed because the builder wants to promote an energy efficient heating system that is also more environmentally friendly than a gas fired boilers. An electric boiler does not require a flue, so that saves money on installation cost. No flue means that no heat is lost by going up the chimney. That means they usually run at an efficiency of 99 percent! Too often electricity has been unreliable in many areas which could leave you cold for hours or even days.

Instead of an electric boiler, you may prefer a new gas boiler. Many homeowners have found that a natural gas boiler can meet their needs while being quite cost effective. Natural gas is relatively cheap, efficient, and the cost remains relatively stable while a fuel such as oil go through market fluctuations. Low maintenance costs for gas boilers are also low adding to the economic nature of gas boilers. Natural gas is also convenient because there is no need for a storage tank. It also tends to heat water quicker than electricity. Natural gas is dependable because it is not subject to outages like electricity is. Natural gas doesn’t create dirty emissions like oil does. Unfortunately, the cost of installation may be rather high if you need to install gas hookups, a piping system, and other things needed for gas boilers.

If you want to have hot water for showers and washing dishes in addition to heating water for your warmth, you will probably want a combination or combi boiler. They are very efficient and represent a great way to save space since there is no need for a water tank. Installation is easy and boiler replacement fast for a combi, plus it saves on the cost of gas and is more efficient than other systems.

The Vaillant Company was founded in 1874 by Johann Vaillant in Germany. Today it is an international business specializing in heating and ventilation. Hassle Free Boilers is a company that works with Vaillant installing a vaillant boiler anywhere they can! For example, they can install a Vaillant high efficiency ecoTEC boiler that comes with a 12 year guarantee! You will find that your gas bill is up to 40 percent lower. More than 5,000 of these sustainable energy heating systems have been installed in houses across the United Kingdom in the past 10 years! Give them a call today!


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